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Why run browser based acceptance tests as monitoring checks?

So far the services I have been involved with have had acceptance tests and monitoring checks.  For various reasons the tests and checks have been designed, developed and run in separate worlds.  This approach has lead to issues falling through the cracks and remaining undetected in live for too long. Here I will explain our first pass at joining these two separate suites... running browser based acceptance tests as monitoring checks. What we've done in the past... Separate tests and checks Acceptance tests A good suite of acceptance tests should test your service end to end, verify external code quality and run against real external dependencies.  Some acceptance test suites can tick all of these boxes without relying on browser based tests, this is great as much complexity is removed.  For other test suites, a browser is essential.  In past projects, the browser based acceptance tests have run against various non-production test/integration environments.  One project