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Pull Requests encourage critique, even in small teams

A member of our team recently suggested that we use pull requests in our development workflow.  Many points were made for and against in our debate.  After only a short time of adopting this change, the major benefit I have seen is the increased critique of the team's output.

The debate The decision to use pull requests was certainly not a given and gave rise to an interesting debate.  Many arguments were made for and against which I've tried to summarise below.

For pull requestsIncreased knowledge sharing - Non reviewers can view pull requests just as easily.Simpler commit messages - Each pull request is (hopefully) created "with the reviewer in mind" .Provides a forum for commenting on work.Increase in code quality
Against pull requests
"It's too much process and will slow things down"As a small team I think we take pride in our lightweight process of pair programming and informal ad-hoc code reviews.  Adding extra checks and process to the deployment…