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Notes and thoughts from Ansible meetup - July 2015

Here are my notes and thoughts on the Ansible meetup hosted by Equal Experts on 16th July 2015.  I benefited hugely from the event since I got to here about a  technology that I thought I knew reasonably well being used in a completely different way than I had ever considered.  Talk 1: Debugging custom Ansible modules - Alex Leonhardt   Unfortunately I missed this as I left work late : His slides can be found here: Talk 2: AWS, CloudFormation, CodeDeploy, and some Ansible fun - Oskar Pearson Oskar Pearson talked to us about how the deployment of the E-Petition's website works.  The entire deployment config has been open sourced on github here so you can work out exactly how it has been done.  Oskar's full presentation can be found here but a very brief summary is shown below so that my thoughts have some background context. Problem Domain: Busy Site. No permanent Ops team. Security & Uptim