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Thoughts from Sam Newman's - Microservices Data Decomposition Talk

 I was fortunate to attend a great talk by Sam Newman on the above subject, here is a brief summary of the content and my thoughts. First off, I should say that I went in to the talk regarding myself as "experienced" on the subject of microservices.  I anticipated learning about the more complex "data decomposition" aspects rather than the basics.  However I have to admit that even the fundamental points on microservice were still a benefit for me to hear.  This is likely due to Sam being such a good teacher.  I found myself somewhat re-learning topics which I hadn't anticipated. Microservices and Backwards Compatability Sam described microservices as an architecture style which allow you to partition your functionality into separate services which are independently deployable .  The data that each service stores is hidden within the microservice boundary.  They allow you to scale your organisation since you can have teams working on separate systems in paralle