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Does a long notice period hold back your organisation?

My last role had a long notice period of three months.  Although long notice periods are intended to protect an organisation, I think they can act as a detriment. I remember being concerned when I took on the role that a three month notice period could make job hunting tricky as and when I wanted to move on.  I could easily imagine this being a deciding factor for a team that wanted someone to start as soon as possible, no matter how suitable I was. " Don't worry, you can negotiate it down when you want to leave " ... I was told.  This didn't really console me as broaching this subject would reveal my intentions of leaving before the new role was agreed.  In any event, I signed the contract and agreed to the notice period. When it was time for me to move on (after four great years at said company) I decided to hand in my notice before getting my new role agreed.  I also elected to work my notice period in full and did not ask to leave early. I thought I could