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Choosing between Ratpack and Dropwizard.

This post will discuss our team’s approach to evaluating the java based web framework  ratpack  as an alternative to  dropwizard  for creating a new microservice.  This post assumes a basic prior knowledge of both  ratpack  and dropwizard . Background The team I'm on is full of developers all with experience of creating and maintaining applications built with the Dropwizard framework. It’s safe to say that Dropwizard would be the team’s default preference when considering frameworks for web based java apps. However, we have recently been tasked with building a new microservice that is as efficient as possible. Although this non-functional requirement isn’t 100% specified, we do know it will need to be capable of high throughput and low resources (i.e. memory and CPU). High costs from the company’s PAS provider have in no doubt influenced this requirement. Ratpack is said to allow you to create "high pe