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Why am I blogging?

In short, Steve Yegge said I should . Steve made a lot of points in the above post that made me think it would really help me gather my thoughts.  Lessons I have learned in my IT career so far, ideals to strive for, tools I like, tools I dislike etc etc are all thoughts running through my mind.  I think that documenting these thoughts will force me to scrutinise why I feel the way I do about something. A great project manager here at the FT forces us to scrutinise our thoughts/suggestions when we express an opinion that is more feeling than fact with a well timed "Why?".  I'm hoping to apply this same technique on my myself with blogging! Whether or not I will get these benefits of course remains to be seen.  I have to say I was hesitant before starting this, but my doubts were all countered on Steve's post which (along with all his posts) I would thoroughly recommend reading.  In fact if my posts are 1/10th as informed, interesting and well written I'll