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Thoughts and Learnings from QCon Plus 2020

It has been six years since I last attended a QCon in London . This year I was lucky enough to attend Qcon Plus which (due to Covid) was online only.  I was amazed by how professional this looked and felt.  Right from the start it felt more like watching TV than attending a virtual meeting but they were still able to make it feel interactive.  It was the best it could have been in the circumstances.   The big problem I had with the event was actually more to do with my lack of focus.  Even attending a physical conference it can be hard to switch off from the day to day and focus on the talks which remined me of Tanya Reilly's point in her key note from CLL19 .  I suffered from distractions a lot and I wonder if this may have been made worse by the fact that I knew I could always catch up later.  At a physcial conference - you either see a talk or you don't.  Virtual conferences are all too easy to put off until later when you're busy with work! That said, I did see some gre