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Change the characteristics of your complexity

I was lucky enough to attend a talk by John Turner from Paddy Power  as part of London Continuous Delivery  meetup.  The talk was very informative and gave the audience some great insight into rolling out PaaS and continuous delivery in the real world. In order to innovate faster, Paddy Power made a number of changes to "re-orient" the company and put the engineer team first.  To help speed up engineering, where possible, decisions on architecture were removed and replaced with convention. Pipeline An abstract (no tools specified) pipeline was defined with the following stages: 1. Code commit Trunk based commits with feature switches. 2. Build Component and Integration tests Code quality rules (enforced by sonar ) 3. Acceptance Tests Run against the application/service as delpoyed in a VM as provisioned by Gigaspace's Cloudify product.  Config for the VM's dependencies (e.g. java installation) is defined in a blueprint .  Acceptance tests in BDD